Don Pepe Tablia


Don Pepe for the years to come

For more than 15 years, Don Pepe Tablia has made delicious mornings a reality for Filipino families as we incorporate tradition through a modern and breakfast-ready powdered tablia drink. Enjoy that inviting taste of real cocoa goodness as you sip every wholesome sip.

Don Pepe Products

Don Pepe Tablia Original

Enjoy the cocoa indulgence without the guilt-free with the Original tablea flavor. Each serving contains just three ingredients: organic cocoa powder, creamer, and sugar.

Don Pepe Tablia Classic

Every sip is irresistibly delicious and nutritious with its classic formula.

Don Pepe Tablia Dark Chocolate

Each sachet provides a rich dark chocolate color and taste to your drink and cooking and baking needs.

Don Pepe Instant Pure Native Coffee

Savor the aroma and flavorful goodness of brewed coffee in every sachet.

Don Pepe Tablia White Chocolate

Our creamy white tablea is divinely smooth and sweet — perfect for any hot or cold drink.

Health & Nutrition

Discover recipes and new ways to use Don Pepe Tablia that suit your healthy lifestyle

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